Best. Coffee. Ever.

A Focus On Design and Technology

About us

Great People

We are, above all, a friendly place with sincere professional service.

Quality Coffee

Led by Momi, our National competition barista, our mission is to provide consistently world-class coffee and innovative drinks.

Tasty Food

All natural and prepared daily from scratch with fresh seasonal ingredients – our food is simply great.

About us

Global Cutting-Edge Water Technology

If the water isn’t perfect, then the drinks won’t be either. Our reverse osmosis water system from Clearly Simple Water uses the latest 0.5nm nanotechnology membrane technology to deliver water so pure that we have to remineralise it – ensuring that we have the absolute best and consistent starting material possible.

Modbar Espresso System

Built in Fort Wayne Indiana, the ModBar system is not just beautifully sexy and low-profile, it allows us to set and control specific temperature, pressure and flow profiles, for an extraction profile tailored to every different coffee. We have two licensed service technicians on staff, allowing us to maintain and tune them to perfection daily.

Comfort Meets
Eco-Friendly Design

All of our chairs are Emeco Su by Oki Sato. Made from 100% recycled polyethylene, they are based on the original Emeco Navy Chair first used in 1944 in submarines. Inspired by a metal tractor-seat design built to sit on for hours at a time while ploughing a bumpy field, the Japanese aesthetic of “su” mirrors our idea of the entire space in that simplicity can be humbly functional and luxurious.

Where Our Beans Come From

We source our beans through our local friends at Detour Coffee Roasters. The green beans are sourced directly from the farmers wherever possible, and are always selected for the best possible quality and consistency.

They beans are always roasted to our exact specifications when we order, to ensure that all of our coffees are at the height of freshness – with specific roasting profiles for the different green beans.

We generally have four different espressos available – our balanced Punch Buggy blend that we aim to keep as consistent as we can throughout the seasons, two different single origin beans that change daily, and our decaf beans that are decaffeinated using the 100% natural and chemical-free Swiss Water Process.

Our Team

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Flawless Events

We offer event space

With our highly experienced events team, supported by the best equipment, HotBlack will make you look terrific.

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Events Space

We offer event space

The space has an innovative minimalist Eurocentric design, full alcohol license with BYO & catering endorsements, stellar sound system, AC, private licensed patio, space for food truck & barbecue. This is no cookie-cutter event space – HotBlack has the flexibility to make your event unique – and is the perfect space for wine tastings, fundraisers, meetings, casual to formal dinners, product launches, and parties for up to 60 people.

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